The Exciting Truth about Energy Saving Wood Burning Furnaces

Logs And Branches Burning

Whatever misconceptions you may have had about wood burning as a source for heat for your home, now is the time to get rid of them. You are about to discover the many great and important advantages there are with wood burning furnaces.

The weather conditions in the Four Corners area of the USA can be cruel and unpredictable. As residents of this area you need a heat source that you can rely on that not only meets your needs but provides efficiency and affordability. At the same time it needs to address your concerns about the environment. All of these requirements can be met with the burning of wood as a heat source, but only if done in the proper way.

Environmental responsibility

Just like wind and solar power is renewable so is firewood. The mandate has become to find heating sources that are renewable and that is what wood is. New trees can be grown to replace the ones that are harvested and this makes them a renewable source.

Firewood is not a fossil fuel which means that it does not contribute to global warming like other heat sources may do. It is true that wood that burning wood releases carbon but no more carbon than what is released when a tree falls naturally and goes through the decomposing process. The decomposition is a slow oxidation whereas burning wood is oxidation speeded up. It has been shown that replacing oil as the heating source with a wood burning furnace, that for every cord of wood burned that more than a tonne of carbon is being prohibited from entering the air. When you look at it this way it means that residents of Four Corners which encompasses the southwestern corner of Colorado, southeastern corner of Utah, and all of Arizona and New Mexico, could dramatically reduce carbon emissions simply by implementing wood burning furnaces.

Cost effectiveness

The residents of Four Corners have their fair share of living expenses and with the use of our wood burning furnaces this provides a golden opportunity for some substantial savings.

  • It all begins with being able to do away with expensive energy bills as there is no longer a need for gas or oil for heating.
  • With our energy efficient heating solutions that we offer here at Bishop Brothers Climate Control you are able to heat several buildings at the same time.
  • You may be able to realize potential insurance savings by having your wood burning furnace located outside which reduces the risk of fire damage.
  • You no longer have to worry about traditional heating equipment maintenance and repairs.
  • There are no more worries about having to replace oil tanks or replace furnaces in order to remain compliant with heating regulations.

Wood burning means you don’t have to rely on the prices of fuel that are subject to high fluctuations in cost. You are able to plan and budget more effectively when it comes to heating your home or business.


Our wood burning furnaces offer a whole host of conveniences. With being able to have them installed outdoors it means the interior of your businesses and homes are much easier to clean and maintain. The overall atmosphere that wood burning heat provides is soothing and creates an emotionally warm atmosphere that adds to the ambience of the home or business.

Here at Bishop Brothers Climate Control we offer only the very best in wood burning furnaces to clients who are in our service areas consisting of the Southwestern corner of Colorado, Southeastern corner of Utah, and all of Arizona and New Mexico. Our expert representatives are ready, willing and totally capable of providing you with the information you need to make the right decision on which of our quality wood burning furnaces will be best for your home and business.