Introducing the Energy Efficient Earth Friendly Outdoor Heater

Outdoor heater

Many home owners and businesses are really looking for cost efficient and energy saving ways to meet the heating requirements that they may have. These can vary from the need of having to heat the home or business premises, to having a heat source for the barn, workshop or pool house. No matter what the heating requirement is, outdoor heaters in the form of quality wood burning furnaces are the most viable solution. Here at Bishop Brothers Climate Control we are committed to bring only the very best in quality outdoor wood furnaces to the residents and business owners of the Four Corners area, which includes the Southwestern corner of Colorado, Southeastern corner of Utah, and all of Arizona and New Mexico.

As the authorized dealer for Central Boiler which is America’s largest manufacturer of outdoor wood furnaces we are committed to bring you not only the very best state of the art outdoor heaters, but delivering impeccable customer service.

Wood is available in abundance and it is a renewable source of heating medium. It is one of the best alternatives for sustaining the environment when it comes to emissions. Added to all of this is the fact that wood as a heat source is proven to be a substantial money saver when compared to other heating sources.

The Central Boiler outdoor wood furnace is comprised of the latest and leading technology and works on a basic and efficient premise. The outdoor furnace is attractive and blends in nicely with the outdoor atmosphere and is easy to find a location for it on your property. The furnace burns wood to heat water which is circulated through insulated pipes. The water is able to transfer the heat through direct circulation or through heat exchangers. There are many makes and models of outdoor heaters in the outdoor wood furnace category, and our experienced representatives can help you make the best choice based on your specific requirements.

Many of the residents and businesses in the Southwestern corner of Colorado, Southeastern corner of Utah, and all of Arizona and New Mexico areas that have made the wise choice to switch over to the wood burning furnaces as their outdoor heating source feel that it was a great decision on their part and have no regrets. They are thoroughly enjoying the substantial cost savings they are getting as well as the comfort and convenience that our wood burning furnaces provide.

Here at Bishop Brothers Climate Control we are proud of the products we have to offer for outdoor heaters to the Four Corners area and they come in a beautiful selection of colors that serve to enhance the outdoor environment of both homes and businesses alike.