Central Boiler Parts and Accessories

As an authorized distributor for Central Boiler wood burning furnaces, Bishop Brothers Climate Control carries a full line of parts and accessories for your outdoor heating system. Our Central Boiler accessories are used to make installation and maintenance as easy as possible for these energy-efficient, high-output heating solutions. Whether you’re installing a new outdoor wood furnace on your home or you need to repair the furnace on your commercial building, we have the parts and accessories necessary to get the job done.

Browse through the Central Boiler Parts Catalog

If you would like to look through our selection of parts and accessories, feel free to open or download the Central Boiler Parts Catalog. If you have questions about any of the parts or you would like one of our technicians to help you determine which parts you need, feel free to contact Bishop Brothers Climate Control at (970) 882-8859.

Ordering Central Boiler Accessories – What Parts Do You Need?

In most cases, it is best to trust a licensed Central Boiler dealer to install and maintain your unit. This ensures that your system is set up with the utmost care and it minimizes the risk of human error. All of our technicians here at Bishop Brothers are trained to work on Central Boiler furnaces inside and out. We know how to properly install them and how to fix any problems that may arise with your unit. Luckily, Central Boiler furnaces are designed to require minimal maintenance, so you should not need parts and accessories very often.

If your outdoor heating furnace is not working properly, contact us at (970) 882-8859 to schedule your repair. One of our technicians will come out to your property to determine what is wrong with the unit and which Central Boiler accessories you need to get it working again. In many cases, you may not even need a new part to get the unit back in working order. A simple adjustment could be the solution, which will save you money in repairs.